Saturday, January 17, 2015

Writers and Authors: Avoid Boroughs Publishing Group!

Dear Writers:

If you query Boroughs and receive a telephone call offering to publish, then great. Good for you. I understand they actually have published authors. At least that's what they claim on their websites.

The problem is that there is no contact information listed on their websites. They have no website pages of editors with photographs and emails. No fax numbers. No mailing address. No emails. Not even for their elusive editor-in-chief Chris Keeslar. In fact, if you google their name, there's nothing out there. There are websites hinting that Boroughs is in California, but if one investigates it turns out to not have their complete address or is a bogus address.

Do you want to deal with a secretive company? What are they hiding?

Writer's organizations and agents have written gushing blogs and interviews about Burroughs. Have they been paid off?

Don't hold your breath waiting, if you don't get that call. And good luck with contacting them about your submission. Oh, and that contact form . . . that is answered with form letters.

So, maybe you want to spend what could have been valuable writing time querying (on their form for that), and downloading your entire precious manuscript. And, when you contact them about your manuscript after waiting 6 months (on the website's contact form!) you will continue to be strung along with form letters saying "an editor will contact you directly"


Or not. Up to you. Just saying.